A review of CodeCombat - an online resource to learn Python, HTML and JavaScript

There are so many online resources to learn how to code. Here is our review of CodeCombat.

There are so many online resources to learn how to code. Here is our review of CodeCombat.

When Kiya joined us for her work experience placement, we worked together to review some of the online resources available to learn how to code. 

The first resource we reviewed was CodeCombat which is a game that focuses on Python, JavaScript and HTML. This game can be played individually, or be used as part of a school program. There are different sign up processes to reflect this. 

Here’s what Kiya had to say about it: 

I really enjoyed the idea of CodeCombat, which is, in a way, very similar to Ruby Warrior. The level system is appealing to a younger user as they usually want to feel included in the adventure. There is a choice between the languages Python, and JavaScript. I particularly like how at the beginning of each level your goals are displayed, and there is a short tutorial on how to use any new code, which means a complete beginner could start playing. You can also click on any of the methods displayed next to your code, and it will tell you what they do. I think that CodeCombat is an ideal game for children who want to start coding

Screenshot from the game

As someone who started to learn Python outside of a school environment, I also wanted to review this resource.

The first three levels break you in gently to familiarise you with the basic syntax you will need during the game. The instructions and level goals are easy to follow. After the three levels, users are introduced to the concepts of arguments and loops. 

I felt that the difficulty of each level increased at a nice pace, although I did seem to struggle on the last puzzle for quite some time! I had to go back a couple of levels and redo them to make sure that I understood the principles. Overall,  I feel that this is a very good resource for learners who want to get familiarised with the principles of Python

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