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Mesomorphic creates bespoke software for SMEs using modern development philosophies. Our customer-led design and development process enables us to communicate effectively with non-technical stakeholders to describe their requirements in clear, natural language. We provide high-quality, visible progress at every step of the way. We embrace change and recognise that concepts evolve as the project progresses. Uncertainty is not to be feared, but does need managing and communicating.

Rather than tie our clients to a rigid top-down design and refuse to move from this, we engage with our customers at every stage to provide real-time feedback as the project develops. Enhancements, adjustments and updates are a natural part of the process.

Rather than months or years of development before a project is ready, we deliver working software as early as possible and enable our customers to begin realising the value in their vision sooner rather than later.

Mesomorphic creates bespoke software for SMEs using modern development philosophies.

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What we do

We use our expertise to extend your functions.

Development & Design

We follow the principles and methodology of Agile Software Development, which focuses on delivering value to the client as quickly as possible. As the customer knows their business best, Agile enables them to remain in control ensuring that their software does exactly what they need.

Work Experience

We look to provide opportunities for anyone who would like to gain work experience within a software development environment. We have worked with local schools and we are building relationships with groups such as SDS and Moving On.

Local Collaboration

At Mesomorphic, we're all about supporting and strengthening our network of clients, suppliers and friends. We're stronger together; the success of a friend is a success for us. We value face-to-face conversations, using a combination of technology and travel to make this happen.

Meet the TEAM

Interdisciplinary team with big ideas and challenges.

Maria Bell

Maria Bell

Managing Director

Maria comes to Mesomorphic with a background in analytics, consultancy and training primarily from the oil and gas industry. Her main role in Mesomorphic is to develop and strategise the business, identifying new prospects and markets along the way.

Matthew Simpson

Matthew Simpson


Matthew joined Mesomorphic bringing with him several years of web development experience, both in the frontend and backend areas. He currently specialises in building modern Javascript applications using popular frameworks such as AngularJS and reactJS. He also has experience building cross-platform mobile applications using React Native.

Ceileidh Mercer

Ceileidh Mercer

General Assistant

Ceileidh joined Mesomorphic after leaving school looking to widen her skill set both personally and professionally. Now studying forensic sciences at Robert Gordon University, Ceileidh continues to support Mesomorphic remotely by assisting with development, admin and marketing.

Tim Ash

Tim Ash


Tim turned to software development once he completed a PhD in astronomy. He's been working in IT for the last 21 years in the scientific, oil and gas, social care and education sectors. He is a keen Ruby coder, and he concentrates on back-end functionality.

Finlay Mercer

Finlay Mercer


Finlay joined Mesomorphic as a junior software developer, following the graduate apprenticeship programme. He is studying a degree in business and software development. He has a passion for graphical and mathematical programming. His work at Mesomorphic has been tailored around his university course which offers real life opportunities to apply his learning to his work.

Jacob Mercer

Jacob Mercer


After working in professional kitchens for nearly ten years, Jacob felt it was time for a career change and a new challenge. He joined Mesomorphic with very little experience in software development or coding but with a passion for learning. Given his inexperience, one of his roles is to help identify methods and practices to enable others to get started in the industry.

Barnaby Mercer

Barnaby Mercer

Director and Lead Developer

Barnaby has been coding professionally for over two decades and is very familiar with the evolution of the software development industry. His passion and enthusiasm for coding is reflected in his continuous learning of new techniques and technologies.

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