5 Tips to Get The Most From Your Webinar

Maria shares her top 5 tips to get maximum benefit from attending webinars.

Maria shares her top 5 tips to get maximum benefit from attending webinars.

Webinars are a fantastic tool which allows individuals to attend seminars and presentations all over the world from the comfort of your own home or office.

I attend webinars covering a wide range of topics related to my job as well my hobbies. I was skeptical at first, as I enjoy a more immersive learning environment where I can actively participate in discussions, but now that I have attended quite a few, here are some tips to help you get maximum benefit from webinars:

  1. Research the presenter- Have they released any books, or articles on the topics they are covering in their webinar? Or are they active on Social Media? If you have the time, read some of their literature to get a flavour of what they will be discussing during their session.

  2. Email them questions beforehand -If the presenter receives a question before their session, chances are they will either respond to you individually or they will include that topic in their webinar. If you aren’t able to contact them beforehand, write it down in your notebook so you won’t forget during Q&A. Don’t feel frustrated if your question doesn’t get asked during the Q&A session. Email the presenter afterwards. Sometimes the Q&A sessions can be quite chaotic when there is a large audience.

  3. Minimise your distractions- This is easier said than done, however at the very least make sure you have your phone turned to silent, emails are shut and the only thing open in your browser is the webinar. I find earphones are a great way to help keep me focused and block out any distractions. I also tend to keep the chat box minimised at the side of the webinar platforms unless I have a question or the presenter asks for interaction.

  4. Find a buddy!- Do you know someone who may find the same webinar interesting? Invite them to join you, whether it is physically or virtually. Take time to reflect on the webinar afterwards and discuss the main points. This will give you a great opportunity to mull and reflect on the main points you both took away from it.

  5. Network - If you felt like you connected with the presenter and their topic, then go ahead and network with them afterwards. It’s a great way to find out when they have more webinars scheduled and keep in the loop about up to date articles.

So whether you’re about to attend your first webinar, or you’re a seasoned attendee it’s always worth seeing how you can maximize your experience. What tip would you add to the list? Let us know at contact@mesomorphic.co.ukor use the contact form below

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