Work Experience - Adam

Adam shares details about his work experience placement with Mesomorphic.

Adam shares details about his work experience placement with Mesomorphic.

Day One

I set-up my work email, github account and my computer. Maria introduced me to the idea of agile methodology and taught me more about the thought process behind software development.

I asked the team some questions about how they where introduced to coding, what their favourite programming language is, and discovered that most of them wanted to get involved with coding because of video games, just like me. Then I received my tasks for the week.

Day Two

I continued on creating my fir‏st game, fixing bugs and testing new features. Tim and Matthew showed me Mesomorphic’s main project and taught me what it did, and how it all works. Finlay helped me pick what programming language to use for my games and told me about pygame. (Which I went on to use for all of my games.)

Day Three

Did a lot of research into python and more specifically pygame, the python plugin that I’m using for the graphics. Continued experimenting and doing tests on my games.

I added a lot of new features to my first game, which was just called “clicker game”, such as a shop, double points and autoclickers. Adding all these new features and this being my first game, there was a lot of bugs.

Day Four

I started the day off by fixing most of the bugs and glitches in my 1st game, and did more research on pygame. Then I played code tennis with Tim and Matthew, which I really enjoyed because it really made me think and by the end I felt like I learned so much about coding.

After lunch I started doing some tests and accidentally made a (broken) game, which I spent the rest of the day fixing up, it ended up being my favourite game I’d written.

Day Five

I began my last day at Mesomorphic by finishing “PY Paint” the game which I wrote yesterday, and kept trying to fix all the many problems in my first game, “Keyboard Smasher”.

After the daily 11 o’clock meetings, I continued adding new features to PY Paint, Barnaby suggesting that the scroll wheel changes the brush size and after some research and testing, I got it working. I also added an eraser feature.

I learnt so much while at Mesomorphic and the week went by so quickly, I really enjoyed my time at Mesomorphic. They got me more interested in coding and I enjoyed every second of it.

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