2018 Review

As 2018 comes to a close, we have been reflecting on the past year and safe to say it has been a busy year for Mesomorphic!


This year we have been continuing to work with our clients in Edinburgh and working on our ongoing project with Sandness Mill, which has now entered its second phase. We are hoping to work with a couple of more local companies in the new year, so watch this space!


Finlay joined us in September, as our first Graduate Apprentice. He will be studying for his degree at Robert Gordon University in software development whilst learning on the job. We have found this to be a fantastic four year program and we hope to recruit another Graduate Apprentice in 2019. Drop us a line if this is something that interests you, and we will be happy to talk to you about potential opportunities.

2018 Review Credit: Ben Mullay

After attending the CodeClan employment networking event earlier in the year, we invited three graduates up to Shetland for interviews and have also interviewed some more experienced developers. Whilst this did help us to improve our recruitment process further, it also highlighted the challenge we face in selling Shetland to candidates. This then led on to us recording our first recruitment video with Kieba Films, which we hope to share with you early next year. As we are looking to take on more work, we have openings for a couple more developers to work with us in Lerwick. Are you a developer who is looking for a fresh new challenge for the new year? Let us know!


We had a soft launch of Mesomorphic CodeClub this year at Sandwick School. There were six sessions which were well attended, and Tim did a fantastic job in running the sessions. So much so, we are in fact looking to do another session with Sandwick next year, and Cunningsburgh Primary.

2018 Review Credit: Mesomorphic Ltd.

We have also been pushing our work experience placements this year, where we have had four sessions during both term and holiday time. During the recent careers fair at Anderson High School, we had another five names put down for future sessions so we hope to see more blogs published from attendees very soon. If you are interested in participating in some work experience with us, why not drop us a line? We’d love to hear from you.

2018 Review Credit: DYW Shetland

Networking & collaboration

We were lucky enough to attend the Shetland Business and Energy convention at Mareel where we were able to network with a lot of local companies plus some Oil and Gas firms from Aberdeen. This ended up being a well attended event, and it was a fantastic opportunity to meet lots of local companies.

We have continued to build more collaborative partnerships with other businesses and education providers throughout Shetland, where we hope to do some more fantastic work together next year.

Lessons learned from 2018

At Meso, we actively encourage continuous learning and improvement, so here are some of the lessons we have learned from this year:

  • Changing financial systems is an utter headache! If you’re a start up, or in your earlier business years make sure you do a lot of research before settling on a finance system. For those of you who are an older business, make sure you have a lot of chocolate and coffee to hand as changing over systems is a challenge!
  • Interview your work placements before they arrive at the office on the first day. It’s really important to understand what they want from their work placement as well as knowing what you expect from them.
  • Start writing yearly review earlier in the year, so writer’s block doesn’t become a huge problem!

So now 2018 has come to a close and we launch ourselves into 2019, we hope you had an enjoyable festive period and we look forward to the new year!

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